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Child Advocacy Summer Update

Put Something Back is extremely grateful to its pro bono child advocacy attorneys for their service and ongoing support for children in need. Please be reminded that the case management agencies and/or foster parents look into summer programming and insure the children are safe and supported during the summer, but you may also play a role in advocating for activities and programs your client wants to participate in. You may know of an activity that would be perfect for your child. There may be funding and permissions for overnight camps if you think that would be a good fit. Chapter 39’s normalcy provision is a great way to advocate for your child’s participation in age and developmentally appropriate activities, both in school (e.g. prom, graduation, and other grade level expenses covered, uniforms and gear acquired for sports teams, etc.) and out of school (specialty camps, sleepovers with friends). s.39.4091. Since summer has less structure, remember that there is a greater risk of your client losing focus and engaging in risky or unproductive activities. If you have any questions, or need anything, please let us know. Please send us your case updates, including hours expended and any successes that we can share to
We are also extremely grateful to AKERMAN LLP for hosting a training to recruit pro bono attorneys to represent Child/Teen Survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation.  Thank you to Whitney Untiedt and her amazing team for hosting this informative seminar and for being leaders when it comes to accepting cases.  
Have a safe and memorable summer!
Warm regards,
Nikki S. Weisburd, Esq.
Senior Attorney/Pro Bono Coordinator
Child Advocacy Project
Dade Legal Aid
Kristen Feuer, Nikki Weisburd, Whitney Untiedt and Juliana Ospina Alicia Priovolos, David Spector and Whitney Untiedt