21st Annual Nuts & Bolts of Divorce Seminar Materials


E-DISCOVERY  Speaker:  Jacqueline Valdespino, Esq.

Electronic Evidence Discovery and Admissibility

INITIAL CLIENT INTERVIEW/FEES  Speaker:  Maurice J. Kutner, Esq.

Florida Statutes, 61.16

Timesheet 1

Timesheet 2

Client Contact Information

Contract for Legal Services

Child Support and View From the Bench  Speaker:  Honorable Sandy Karlan, Administrative Judge, Family Law Division

View from the Bench – Child Support Powerpoint

Florida Statutes, Chapter 409

Florida Statutes, 2008-061

Chamberlin v. Mansala

DOR v. Daly

Child Support Fact Patterns

Child Support.Commentator Article

Florida’s Child Support Benchbook 2012

QDROS  Speaker:  Matthew L. Lundy, Esq.

Avoiding Malpractice when dealing with Retirement Accounts in Family Law Cases

Pleadings and Discovery  Speaker:  Wendy Robbins, Esq.

Pleadings and Discovery

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