Dade Legal Aid Reports

April Reports

We received our 2017 annual report and are excited to inform that in 2017 Put Something Back referred 1,238 pro bono cases to lawyers. If you are one of the attorneys who took a case, thank you for your participation. If you haven’t yet, we have a variety of cases available in all areas of law and especially need help with Guardian Ad Litem, Bankruptcy, Dependency, Family, Immigration, Appeals and Guardianship cases. On May 1, you will receive your Annual Pro Bono Recruitment Form in the mail. Due to the tremendous need, we hope you will consider taking a case and donating to support legal services to the poorest members of our community.

Save the Date: May 18, 8:30 am the 33rd Annual Family Law View from Bench at Dade County Courthouse featuring Family Judges, Magistrates and Lawyers on cutting edge topics, court rulings, trends, New Judges Roundtable and Case Law Update. Free to  Lawyers who accept at least one family law case from Put Something Back.

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