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Former PSB Intern A Champion for Children’s Rights

Raisa_Professional_ShotWith an unwavering commitment to raise the standard of advocacy for children in Miami Dade County, Raisa Romaelle has volunteered over 100 hours of pro bono work this year alone. And she’s not stopping there. Her goal is to lead by example. By volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem, she has given abused children a voice that may have otherwise gone unheard. A proud graduate of St. Thomas University School of Law, Ms. Romaelle began her career as an intern at Put Something Back, conducting intakes and helping to place needy families with attorneys. She was later hired by the firm of Demahy, Drake, Payne and Cabeza and subsequently when on to open her own practice, Romaelle Law. She discusses her experience and the need for attorney assistance at her blog “I cannot find any reason why every single active member of our bar doesn’t take at least one pro bono case at a time,” she says, “its why we took our oath and it’s an honor bestowed on each and every one of us to serve.”

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