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       Case ID                    Legal Problem               Description

(A)  16-019445         Uncontested Divorce     Client is seeking an uncontested divorce.  No Children, property or debt.

(B)  16-0194618      Uncontested Divorce     Client is seeking an uncontested divorce.  One minor child.  No property. Parties are in agreement.

(C)  16-0194447      Bankruptcy (CH 7)          Client would like to file for bankruptcy.  Three are unsecured loans.  Outstanding debt $40,0000.00

(D)  16-0194390     Bankruptcy (CH 7)          Client would like to file for bankruptcy to discharge extraordinary medical debts.  

(E)  16-0194882      Deeds                                   Client’s mom wants to add son to deed.

(F)  16-01944094   Guardianship                    Client’s son is disabled.  She has guardianship and would like to ensure her son is taken care of by a will (successor guardianship).

(G)  16-0194426     Probate                               Client’s grandmother passed away.  Client needs assistance with a Petition for Determination of Homestead.  Client’s mother is the sole heir.

 (H)  16- 0194876   Probate                              Client’s spouse passed away intestate.  Needs a Petition for Determination of Homestead in order for client to receive Homestead tax  exemption. Decedent’s name is the only name on deed t house.

(I)  N/A-NFP           Not for Profit Corp.        Client seeks enthusiastic and talented attorney to serve on founding board of new Nonprofit that provides effective drug prevention/intervention programs for children and families in the under-served communities of Miami-Dade County.   

(J)  N/A-GAL         GAL                                         Judge in contested family law case seeks a GAL for minor with behavior issues at school. 

(K)  N/A-GAL        GAL                                        Judge requests a GAL to determine time sharing that is in the best interest of the minor child and whether there is any parental alienation.

(L)  N/A-GAL        GAL                                         Domestic violence issues and need a gal for this child who is a witness to dv.

(M)  N/A-P            Probate                                 Client’s mother passed away in December of 2016.  Client needs a pro bono attorney’s assistance to help to probate the estate which is of very limited assets.

(N)  N/A-P            Probate                                 Client’s husband passed away there was no will and no children.  Client has been paying mortgage and needs to claim homestead exemption.

(O)  N/A-B           Bankruptcy                           Client needs help filing Chapter 7 due to debts incurred while hospitalized for long term treatment.

(P)  N/A-B           Bankruptcy                           Client needs help reinstating driver’s license so he can drive to work to support his disabled child. 

(Q)  N/A-F          Family Law                            Client needs name change.          

(R)  N/A-F          Family Law                            Client in need of divorce attorney; no children, not assets.  Speaks Spanish.

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