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Immigration Attorney Goes Above and Beyond For Foreclosure Client

Mark Fried, Esq. An immigration attorney with over thirty years of experience, Mark Fried has had many opportunities to give back to the underserved population of Miami. Mr. Fried has deep ties to the area, studying law at the University of Miami and participating in Key Biscayne community groups for decades. Even though he is a solo practitioner working in a two person office, Mr. Fried has always been one of the very dedicated attorneys who accept pro bono cases from Put Something. Last year, Mr. Fried took a pro bono foreclosure case from Put Something Back, even though he primarily practices immigration law. His client, a mother of three facing foreclosure of the home where she lived with her children, lost her job, and as a result, fell behind on her mortgage payments. Although she tried to catch up the payments, the bank refused to accept them, and initiated foreclosure proceedings. Working diligently, Mr. Fried was not only able to stop the foreclosure sale on three separate occasions, but he also worked to get her a modification. On top of everything, Mr. Fried helped her to find new employment, so that she would be able to make her payments on time.So far, she has made her payments on time, and she and her three children have been able to remain in their home. The client is very thankful for Mr. Fried, and expresses her gratitude for all the work he did for her. As for Mr. Fried, he continues to serve the community, having just accepted another pro bono foreclosure case. This makes almost thirty cases since Mr. Fried first began taking pro bono work from Put Something Back. Dade Legal Aid is extremely grateful for Mr. Fried’s ongoing commitment to serving low-income members of our community, and for the wonderful results he always achieves for his clients. He was nominated for the Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award.

   Sarah Pitney   Sarah Pitney was a summer intern with the Put Something Back Program during her third year of law school at the FIU College of Law. After graduation, she hopes to practice immigration and family law, either at a small firm or at a public service organization like Dade Legal Aid. And of course, Ms. Pitney intends to take several pro bono cases over the course of her career!

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