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Pro Bono Spotlight on Attorney Alvin D. Lodish, Esq., of Duane Morris LLP

Alvin D. Lodish, Esquire, Partner with Duane Morris LLP, has been driven by dedicated service and continuous effort and has allocated over 410 hours during his career to assisting less fortunate children of our community through the Guardian Ad Litem Program and Put Something Back.

“As the sixth child of seven children born outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and having lost my Dad at the age of eight, I have always been sensitive to the plight of children and how positive influences in their lives can make all the difference in the world.” 

Lodish’s past has not only encouraged him to make a difference but has been a motivating factor of why he has spent his time on these particularly difficult cases. “I had problems in my youth and instead of becoming a lawyer I easily could have been on the other side of the law. But with a close-knit family, a few impactful teachers, and the ability to eventually find my own self-worth, I became a productive member of society.”

Children have to feel loved and have to believe in themselves. My efforts in the Guardian Ad Litem program have always been governed by what children need to make it in this world. The GAL program is critically important and many more volunteers are needed because of the great need and the burnout factor – it’s very tough to experience some of the circumstances.” 

As Lodish states above, he has always been sensitive to the plight of children, and with these plights come such heartbreaking experiences. “I have had two cases in all the years where termination was the best result for the child and sexual abuse was at the heart of the problem. Otherwise, troubled parents, incarcerated parents, drug-addicted parents should always be given many chances to reconnect and be a parent to their children. I believe it is always best for the children, even though it’s very hard at times, to know their parents are fighting their demons to try and be in their lives again in a positive way.”  Despite the difficulties that he has faced in his past and has seen, Lodish has an empathetic and forgiving view for those parents who may not have had the best chances at being the parents they potentially would have wanted to be.

On top of all his efforts for the GAL program, Lodish is also an active community member through the YMCA and has been for almost 20 years. “I served as Chairperson of the Board of the Y of South Florida in 2020 which was an incredibly challenging year with COVID. My great interest in helping children has grown into wanting to help people of all ages find their inner worth and live a meaningful life. The Y has allowed me to do that through Indian guides, teen programs, and health and wellness programs for seniors. Finally, my family means the world to me – being a father, husband and now grandfather is the best!”

We truly are so grateful to have such a dedicated, productive, and kind-hearted member of our society making waves in some of the most difficult seas of families’ lives through our program.

Alvin D. Lodish, Esq.


 Duane Morris LLP


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