Donations through The Miami Foundation

Dade Legal Aid aka “Legal Aid”, Miami’s oldest provider of civil legal services to diverse, vulnerable residents and populations, accepts donations year round. There are multiple methods of donating. You may mail a donation by check payable to “Legal Aid,” 123 Northwest First Avenue, Miami, FL 33128 or donate online to The Dade Legal Aid Donor Advised Fund at The Miami Foundation. The Dade Legal Aid Fund also gratefully accepts charitable donations to Dade Legal Aid via check, credit card, wire transfer or transfer of stock.  EIN 650350357.  Donations are tax-exempt under the IRS and qualify for the maximum charitable tax deduction allowed by law.  Please include a special instruction that the designation is for “The Dade Legal Aid Fund” and mail your check, credit card or wire transfer to:

The Miami Foundation

attn.: “Dade Legal Aid”

40 NW 3 Street
Suite 305
Miami, FL 33128
Re: The Dade Legal Aid Fund

You may also click here to donate online

All donors receive a letter acknowledging their charitable donation.