Spotlight on Pro Bono Attorneys

Carlos Sardi has represented numerous pro bono clients including a Vietnam War veteran, who has graciously volunteered to be featured in a video detailing Mr. Sardi’s efforts on his behalf. Carlos says it is his utmost privilege and pleasure to help out our most needy members of our community through the Dade Legal Aid and Put Something Back Program. He gets more pleasure out of working pro bono for a client than with any other paying client in his practice. He only wishes that he had time to do even more. He also volunteers as a Mentor to a team of law students through the clinical program at University of Miami school of Law Bankruptcy clinic, a partnership between Dade Legal Aid and UMLaw. He especially enjoys volunteering to assist clients from our veteran community. His last pro bono case from Put Something Back involved a veteran with tons of debt who was living in “extreme” poverty. This particular client did not have a soul to take care of him. No family, no friends. He ran out of private retirement funds, and had social security income of only $1,000 a month to live on. The client was forced to move out of his former home, but fortunate enough to get assistance through “Operation Sacred Heart” to move to his new efficiency in downtown Miami, which, while subsidized, would cost him $450 a month. It pained Mr. Sardi so much to see one of our veterans – a hero to our nation from the Vietnam War – at age 77 going through so much horror (perhaps worse than the war itself). In any case, the client was assigned to him to help him with his debts through Put Something Back Program. He had the pleasure to work with a UM law student on this heart touching case. They were able to successfully place the client in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and got our veteran a discharge of over $13,500 in debts. During the course of the case, they had the meeting of creditors just before the holiday season last year. Mr. Sardi felt truly bad for this lonely individual, who had nothing and no one to share it with. You could tell that he was not expecting anything from us in the form of a gift, as the pro bono attorney had already changed his life for the better. Prior to meeting Mr. Sardi, he had lost all faith in human kindness. So, Mr. Sardi purchased him a Publix gift card so he could get food for the holidays. After much fighting, he decided to accept the small token of appreciation for his service to our great nation. Subsequently, Mr. Sardi got teary eyed when he received a beautiful thank you card from the client just before Christmas. He can only say that it was the best gift he received during the holidays from anyone. “was truly blessed to have come across this wonderful individual, and…would like to help more like him in our Veteran community to try to continue my best to assist our heroes in need. I gladly accept your invitation to do a presentation to veterans at our local VA. Hopefully, my story will with my former veteran client will resonate with some of our indigent veterans to getting much needed help and relief from debt burdening their daily lives. It could mean the difference between having a roof over your head, or turning homeless. These heroes deserve more from our legal profession.” It is my pleasure to take on this cause.




July 2018 – This month’s Spotlight on Exceptional Pro Bono Attorneys is on Scott L. Baena, a founder partner with Bilzin Sumberg. Mr. Baena serves on the Board of Directors of the Dade County Bar Association and is pivotal to the firm’s pro bono efforts. This summer, he and his firm have take the lead to help provide legal representation to unaccompanied minor children caught in legal limbo. “A keystone of our firm’s culture is caring which we encourage our lawyers and staff to continuously demonstrate by their service to the community and particularly, to those who need help.  This initiative on behalf of unaccompanied children is compelling, impactful and squarely within the assurances we each underwrote when we took the Oath of Admission to The Florida Bar. We are grateful to Dade County Legal Aid and Catholic Charities for championing this cause and training us to be helpful.




January 2018 This Month’s Spotlight on Exceptional Pro Bono Attorneys Features Charles Throckmorton, a founding member of Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton,LLP. Dade Legal Aid receives many notes of appreciation from satisfied clients. Below please find a recent thank you we received from a client of Chuck Throckmorton: I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for providing me with FREE legal assistance from Put Something Back Program. Your organization referred me to attorney Charles W. Throckmorton of Kozyak Tropin Throckmorton to handle my pro bono bankruptcy case. The first day of meeting Mr. Throckmorton I walked into his office feeling defeated. He took the time to listen to me with empathy. I left uplifted because of his kindness and respect towards me. His paralegal is an angel. She went beyond the call of duty to make sure my questions and concerns were always answered and I was kept informed on how the process was going and what to expect. This was handled with grace. I am indebted to this program for providing me with the legal assistance needed to get back on track for my future.”

Thank You Mr. Throckmorton!


Spotlight on Exceptional Pro Bono Attorneys Features Alisa Taormina, an associate at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, a 100% Law firm in Put Something Back and a current Fellow in Class III of Dade Legal Aid’s Leadership Academy.  Last year, she accepted an appointment from Put Something Back to serve as a pro bono Attorney Ad Litem for a child in a contested dependency case in which the Department of Children and Families, and the child, sought to terminate the birth father’s parental rights. The birth mother’s rights were terminated several years ago and, during the five-year pendency of the action, the child remained in the care of loving family members who ultimately want to adopt him. Taormina represented the interests of the child, whose special needs were exacerbated by everything he had been through.  He is autistic, among other things, and his father has been in and out of jail throughout his entire life.  After several months, and a three day trial, the judge granted the petition to terminate the father’s parental rights, bringing the child one step closer to his desired adoption by his caregivers. Congratulations on a job well done!




December 20, 2016 Spotlight on Exceptional Pro Bono Attorneys features Lacee Monk, an associate at Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell, a 100% Law Firm Participant in Put Something Back and a current Fellow in Class III of Dade Legal Aid’s Leadership Academy.  In the Fall of 2016, she accepted an appointment from Put Something Back to serve as a pro bono Guardian Ad Litem in a contested family law case.  After several months, many hearings and preparations, Ms. Monk successfully completed her final hearing on the guardian ad litem case.  “Serving as a guardian ad litem was such a wonderful and rewarding experience.  I look forward to contributing to Dade Legal Aid – Put Something Back again in the near future,” said Ms. Monk. “We live in a time that is very challenging and it requires people such as Lacee to step up and contribute to the common good,” said Paul Lipton on behalf of the firm. Congratulations to Lacee and thank you to Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell for truly making a difference in the lives of others. 

Lacee is pictured above and below (second from right) with colleagues and other members of Class III of Dade Legal Aid’s Leadership Academy. rumberger-event