Services are available to qualifying clients in the following areas of law:

Family Law  – Staff Attorneys and Put Something Back “pro bono” attorneys handle a variety of family law matters related to divorce paternity, custody, adoption, name change, support and visitation for individuals meeting federal poverty guidelines. Clients may apply online to qualify for free legal representation. Volunteer Lawyers may handle family law cases that are not accepted by the staff attorney program; in addition, volunteer “pro bono” attorneys are recruited and trained to serve as guardians ad litem in contested family, juvenile, domestic violence, criminal and civil court proceedings. Veteran lawyers with decades of experience are available to help guide newer attorneys through the process as questions and issues arise. Currently, services are provided remotely for the health and safety of our staff, clients and community. For assistance email

Domestic Violence – Dade Legal Aid Staff Attorneys and pro bono attorneys virtually assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and human trafficking from offices across Miami-Dade County.  If you are in need of free legal assistance by Miami-Dade’s premier provider of domestic violence assistance, please apply online or call for an appointment or Volunteer attorneys assist the program by working with our team and accepting cases. Currently, services are being provided remotely for the health and safety of our staff, clients and community. If you are in imminent danger, call 911 immediately

Guardianship – The circuit’s sole provider of free legal aid to indigent residents willing to serve as guardians for elderly, physically or mentally incapacitated family members, loved ones and close friends. While this department is currently operating remotely for the safety and well being of all participants, it has dedicated offices downtown and in South Dade Justice Center to help hundreds of families each year by allowing family members or close friends to become legal guardians of incapacitated and vulnerable adults. Children aging out of foster care also receive services through this department. 

Child Advocacy  – Staff Attorneys and pro bono attorneys represent our most vulnerable population, dependent children and foster teens transitioning out of foster care into adulthood as well as victims of human trafficking by ensuring that each youth receives appropriate representation, treatment and services needed to recover and thrive. Imagine being abandoned at birth, homeless, and bouncing from foster home to foster home and falling behind in school.  Our attorneys advocate for foster teens to ensure that they not only survive, but thrive as they transition into safe, secure and successful adulthood. We also assist unaccompanied minor children in need of representation and assistance in collaboration with partners.

Bankruptcy & Housing For those facing eviction, foreclosure or considering bankruptcy, we assist clients in foreclosure, housing and bankruptcy matters including protecting individuals from unlawful eviction and loss of homes. We offer free virtual help for clients from volunteer attorneys who provide individuals navigating the process of eviction and bankruptcy by themselves information and brief services. Currently, the courts are closed and the in person clinics are on hold, however you may apply online or call the Bankruptcy Helpline at 305-579-5733 ext. 2237 to ask questions of volunteer attorneys about issues you are facing.  IF YOU QUALIFY FOR ASSISTANCE YOU MAY BE REFERRED TO A PRO BONO ATTORNEY TO HANDLE YOUR CASE FOR FREE.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE REQUESTED DOCUMENTATION OR REQUIRED RECEIPTS AND PROOF OF INCOME YOU MAY BE REJECTED BY THE PRO BONO ATTORNEY. 

Educating Not-for-Profit Agencies– Non-profit groups serving low-income clients may need pro bono attorneys to handle general legal matters, incorporation, obtain tax exempt status from the IRS or serve as general counsel. We accept requests from qualifying agencies and startups and pair them with pro bono counsel to serve as their attorney. Attorneys are available remotely to answer your questions through Put Something Back’s Legal Helpline and in partnership with the Arts Business Council, Inc.

Put Something Back (“PSB”)  – The Official Pro Bono Project of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, PSB matches thousands of pre-screened income eligible clients with pro bono attorneys and has been recognized annually for stalwart services to the entire community. PSB pro bono attorneys gain recognition from their peers and are highly regarded in the legal community by participating in the program. Pro bono resources are critical to helping low-income individuals and families in need. To be eligible for free services, a client’s income may not exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. An organization may qualify for free services if it is primarily comprised of eligible clients. IF YOU QUALIFY FOR ASSITANCE YOU MAY BE REFERRED TO A PRO BONO ATTORNEY.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE REQUESTED DOCUMENTATION OR REQUIRED RECEIPTS AND PROOF OF INCOME YOU MAY BE REJECTED BY THE PRO BONO ATTORNEY. If you are an attorney please join one of our projects: Family Law & GAL Project, Child Advocacy Project, Foster Youth Child Project, Probate & Guardianship Project, Consumer Project, Housing Project, Disaster Relief Project, Patent Project, Venture Law Project, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Mentorship & Emeritus Attorney Project, and more. 

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