Emeritus Attorneys

ATTENTION:  Retired, Inactive, and Non-practicing Lawyers in our Circuit: Please consider volunteering your time and expertise with us as a Certified Emeritus Lawyer ("CEL"). CEL's are a valuable resource that can help us assist low-income clients in need of critical legal representation they cannot otherwise afford. With years of experience, CEL's can provide assistance to those in need without having to be active members of The Florida Bar or paying Florida Bar dues. Rule 12 of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar allows inactive or retired lawyers, judges, law professors and authorized house counsel to obtain “Emeritus status and provide pro bono service - so long as they have not have been disciplined within the past 15 years and are supervised by a lawyer at an approved organization. Dade Legal Aid - Put Something Back will provide training and instruction in areas of greatest need - Family Law, Probate & Guardianship, Eviction, General Civil, Bankruptcy, Collection, and Child Advocacy - along with malpractice insurance on cases handled through our project. WE WELCOME YOUR ASSISTANCE!!
If you are available to assist with client screening or intake, please Click Here to Register to Become a CEM or email PSB@dadelegalaid.org for more information. If you would like to volunteer in an area we don't typically cover, such as immigration, prisoner's rights or veteran's benefits, we will be happy to guide you on your path to performing pro bono work. With your help, we can provide a safety net of legal services to countless additional low-income residents.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of our request. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
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