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Dade Legal Aid/Put Something Back assists low-income residents in all areas of civil law.  Year round, we host student interns who help with various aspects of the program, such as client intake, matching pro bono attorneys with clients, updating cases, conducting research and more. Interested in applying for an internship? Please send your resumé to with a short paragraph explaining why you would like to intern with us.

I am writing to thank you for all of the opportunities I had during the Summer of 2021 through Duke Engage. I have tremendous respect for your important and inspiring work. Everyone welcome me, but I would like to especially thank Geoffrey Valdez-Alba, Esq., and Jason Sotelo, for going above and beyond. I will never forget this summer! Thank you, Brandon Dodds

“I chose to intern at Venture Law Department because I know from personal experience that entrepreneurs face so many legal hurdles before their ideas have even taken off. Legal services are expensive, and I would hate for money to be the reason that someone can’t get the legal help to make their start-up goals a reality. As a result of this internship, I gained the experience I will need to help future clients that are bootstrapping and hustling to make their dreams come true. When I become a licensed attorney, I want to offer pro bono legal services to all those starry-eyed start-ups that don’t know where to go, and this internship brought me one step closer to ny personal goal.”  Veda Lejardi Cruz, Fall 2017 Intern, University of Miami School of Law

Volunteering with us is a rewarding and educational experience. Please join our efforts to provide quality legal assistance to those most in need and sign up below to help us fulfill our mission of providing greater access to justice for all…



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Return to “DADE LEGAL AID/PUT SOMETHING BACK” attn: Bruce Levine, Esq., along with a paragraph stating why you would like to work here.
123 N.W. First Avenue, Miami, FL 33128
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