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Dade Legal Aid - Put Something Back is committed to providing high quality civil legal services to clients who are domestic violence victims, residents facing eviction, unemployment, bankruptcy, collections, divorce, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and those in need of Guardianships, a Guardian ad Litem or an Attorney ad Litem. Here are a few notes of appreciation from our clients:


2023 - 2024


Thank you very much for your help. After I was screened by Put Something Back, I was assigned to a pro bono attorney and was very happy with my attorney Daniel Alvarez.  He and his office did a terrific job and I now I have my Last Will and Testament and other documents. I wish all success to you and everyone at Put Something Back and especially thank Jason Sotelo for being a special person in assisting me.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the program “Put Something Back” at Dade Legal Aid for assigning me to Peter Kelly.  I am very pleased that thanks to his help,  I received the Discharge Letter from the Bankruptcy Court. I feel very blessed that I was appointed to him by Legal Aid while I was struggling financially due to medical bills. The entire process was seamless thanks to Mr. Kelly’s experience and knowledge. It is evident to me that Mr. Kelly is an attorney who genuinely cares about his clients as he volunteered to represent me without a fee. He treated me with compassion and immense respect.  I am very grateful for the services that were provided to me.  He is very thorough and responsive with communications that helped me restructure my finances. When I was having a difficult time with the process Mr. Kelly and his student aids thoroughly explained my situation and took the time to ensure I was comfortable with as well as understood what was happening with my case. His professionalism was instrumental in dealing with the U.S. Trustee, creditors, and settlements. The level of expertise he demonstrated exceeded my expectations.

As one of the recipients of “Put Something Back,” I feel very blessed and grateful for the opportunity your program provided me. I am so thankful for the assistance  that diminished my financial burdens as I proceed to restore my finances. 

Once again thank you so much for all assistance that the program provided to me.


Peter Kelly, Esq.
Attorney Peter Kelly provide​s​ bankruptcy, creditors rights and related litigation representation throughout the ​Southern District of Florida. A member of the Pro Bono Committee and Bankruptcy Fellow with Put Something Back, he gives back his time freely to those in need. In addition to taking cases and mentoring students, he is a guest speaker and moderator at educational and CLE events and is the UM Law and STU Law - Put Something Back Clinic Coordinator





I would like to thank your program  for all the help  it gave me.  I have two children and was served  with a Foreclosure notice and my husband left me during the pandemic.  I applied to government agencies and other legal services providers in town but none of them returned my calls.  I tried working with my mortgage company but was unable to do so on my own.  I was scared for  my children and myself.  Someone at church suggested Dade Legal Aid to me and Bruce  Levine quickly accepted my case and took the time to explain the process and  my options.   All of your pro bono staff were very nice and professional.  The attorney I was assigned continues  to help me and keep me updated  and returns my calls  if I have any questions.  I  highly  recommend  this program that helps people like me.  I also want to thank all the wonderful staff on behalf of myself and my children.


A former Family client of Juanita Cendan sent a note thanking her for her work on his case years ago. He and his brother were assisted by Legal Aid when their grandmother petitioned the court for custody after their parents were killed in a car accident.  Jesus was 12 years old at the time when Legal Aid represented his grandmother and 20 years later, as he sat down to write his personal statement for law school he couldn't help but recall his first experience with the legal profession which came via Legal Aid's representation on a Custody Petition and hearing for his family. "My brother and I had become orphaned, leaving my grandmother to petition the court for our custody. As an indigent client, my grandmother sought Legal Aid's help in this matter in 1991, and you graciously provided us with your full attention, love, and representation. Upon the granting of the Petition on Christmas Eve, Ms. Cendan took my brother and I back to your office where toys awaited us under a Christmas tree. In my letter to the law schools, I wrote about that life changing experience we shared with you inside the judge's chambers. Twenty-three years after that faithful day when the judge granted our petition, around the same wonderful time of Christmas, I graduated from law school. Recalling this experience has again brought me to tears, mostly tears of joy in knowing that there are organizations and people reminiscent of yourself and Legal Aid who not only perform their jobs well, but who also go the extra mile in loving and caring for the people they represent. On behalf of my grandmother (who is still alive and kicking), my brother Junior, and myself, thank Juanita Cendan and thank you Dade Legal Aid."  Jesus Montero, J.D.

JULY 2023

A very grateful Housing client of Alexandra Mesa wrote: "Thank you for everything you and Legal Aid did for me and my family. I want you to know that I will be forever grateful for your hard work, and that you and your family will always be in my prayers. If it weren't for you and your hard work, we would have been evicted and lost all of our belongings.  I could not be any more grateful for the results in my case! Thank you a million times! You are the best housing attorney!!"

APRIL 2023

A Family client of Stephanie Grosman wrote: “Thank you so much to you and to your wonderful assistant, Suzann, for all of the work that you have done for my case. I wish a thousand blessings and many good things returning to you as a thank you for the marvelous work that you do helping people like me. Success to you both and to Legal Aid!"


A client of Jason Bloch facing Cancer and Foreclosure wrote: “I hold great respect and gratitude for Dade Legal Aid and my pro bono attorney, Jason Bloch who is to be commended for the invaluable pro-bono work he delivered during my moment of greatest need. I’d also like to thank Put Something Back and Bruce Levine for referring me to Mr. Bloch and making sure that I was legally represented when facing foreclosure on my house. Your work in the community is truly making a difference in people’s lives. Thanks again to his services, I now have peace of mind and can focus on kicking Cancer."



A client of Steve Paulson wrote: "We wish you and your family and Legal Aid a Happy and safe Holidays!! We are very thankful for all your help, guidance and hard work all of these years. We will never forget it!! Blessings and best regards."


A client of Steve Paulson wrote: “I want to say thank you on behalf of my family. I would not be able to make it this far without Legal Aid’s help. I want the world to know about this organization. Whoever invented this program is a genius. I will always remember you guys. I wish they had this program everywhere, especially in Haiti. A lot of women died because of their husbands. If they had this program, there wouldn’t be all that injustice. I love you guys! You guys are the best! May God be with all of you!"

JUNE 2022

A client of Alexandra Mesa wrote: "I just wanted to acknowledge that during the entire process of my case with Dade Legal Aid I found professionalism, sensibility, kindness, confidentiality and humanity from my pro bono attorney and her assistant. The communication and orientation they gave me regarding the legal process and documentation that I needed to present was excellent, far exceeding all of my expectations. I am grateful for their cordiality and interest they took in my case; they make an excellent work team! I congratulate them and wish them much success in their profession."

MAY 2022

"To the team at Put Something Back Program, I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to those who work in the program and David Abrams P.A. About a year ago I came seeking help for a family issue during a difficult time. Going to court without guidance and representation can be very overwhelming. Luckily my case was accepted and I was assigned attorney David Abrams who promptly met me and provided clarity and guidance and always showed interest in helping with our case. He represented my family in court and was invaluable in finding a solution. His representation was like a gift of gold. I would like to thank him and the program for the wonderful work they have done for me, as well as thank the team for the great work they are doing for our community. I know many are faced with family issues and it can be overwhelming both financially and emotionally. The Put Something Back Program is an invaluable resource to our community. Thank you."

APRIL 2022

A Law Student wrote: "I’m so grateful to have had the chance to work at Dade Legal Aid during my last semester at law school. Thank you for always being kind and wonderful especially during these challenging times. I truly value the advice and experiences I received from each attorney. Under your guidance I’ve learned a lot and contributed towards making a positive difference in the lives of people who need assistance and deserve new beginnings. Thank you for everything!"

MARCH 2022

"Thank you Put Something Back Program for finding me a dedicated attorney to handle my bankruptcy case on a pro bono basis.  As a Veteran who is in a wheelchair, I found it very easy and rewarding to access your services.  I could not go many places during the pandemic, and this program was available online.  Many blessings to you and yours for saving my home and my life savings."


"My attorney, Wendy Robbins, helped me with my divorce many years ago. I know I thanked you for your help but I wanted to reach out to you to say thank you again. I know that what you do is your job but you have honestly saved my life, and helped me to move on into my next chapter. After my court hearing we said our goodbye’s but I wanted you to know how much I still appreciate your help and how grateful I will always be to Legal Aid. You treated me as if I were any other paying client and for that I will always be grateful to you. Thank you again. God bless you!"


"I wanted to thank my attorney, Nicholas Koltay who handled my case even when it was closed because the respondent accepted a plea, including probation. Although the results are not what I had hoped for, I am very grateful and appreciative for your help and support through this difficult process. You are very good at your job and more victims of domestic violence need lawyers like you and Legal Aid in their corner. Thank very much you from my family."



"I am elderly and and was dealing with damages to my home due to past hurricanes. I was unable to meet the financial burden of the repairs and my day to day living expenses so I had no other option but to file for bankruptcy. I would like to express my gratitude to all that make up the team at LEGAL AID. We had the final hearing which was successful, we won our case. In less than three weeks my case was ready for court. I am very grateful, from the bottom of my heart for Put Something Back staff that guided me through the process and eased my concerns.  Jessica quickly referred me to attorney Julia Kefalinos who treated with love, compassion and a level of professionalism as if I was a regular paying client. The judge acknowledged that my case was pro bono and thanked my attorney. Thank you very much and above all many blessings."


“I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for providing me with FREE legal assistance through Put Something Back Program. The work and attention given to me by Charles W. Throckmorton and his firm, KOZYAK TROPIN & THROCKMORTON, was outstanding. Thank you for handling my pro bono bankruptcy case. He took the time to listen to me with empathy. I was uplifted because of his kindness and respect towards me. The paralegal assigned to my case was also an angel. She went beyond the call of duty in making sure during the process my questions and concerns were always answered and I was kept informed on how the process was going and what to expect. This was handled with grace. I am indebted to PUT SOMETHING BACK for providing me with legal assistance needed to get my life back!"


JUNE 2021

A client of DAVID ALSCHULER, Esquire, wrote: “I am very satisfied with the services my attorney provided. I can’t believe this program is free for people like me. Thank you PUT SOMETHING BACK for how you helped me during this difficult time in my life and thank you to Mr. Alschuler for dedicating your time to my case!

APRIL 2021

“I was unable to pay an attorney and was recommended to apply online to Dade Legal Aid. I was promptly assigned an attorney through PUT SOMETHING BACK. My pro bono attorney at the law firm, Meland Russin and Budwick, was extremely dedicated, capable, knowledgeable and never made me feel like she was doing me a favor by taking my case. She always responded in a timely manner to any issues or concerns. I am forever grateful to them.”

MARCH 2021

“I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for the work and attention given to us by Dade Legal Aid Attorney WENDY ROBBINS during the lengthy and complex process to obtain Guardianship for my father with advanced Alzheimer’s. Our questions and concerns were answered in a short time frame and we were always kept informed on how the process was going and what to expect. Thank you Legal Aid for making this difficult process that much easier for my family.”


“Put Something Back is amazing and you are doing a wonderful service for the community! I can’t thank you enough for taking my mortgage foreclosure case! My attorney WES COLGAN was amazing, easy to talk to and knows how to handle himself well! I can’t say enough good things about him.”



“Thank you to my attorney NICOLE GRIMAL HELMSTETTER for handling my pro bono bankruptcy case. As a disabled senior citizen, I had a difficult issue and was not sure how to proceed. Thank you PUT SOMETHING BACK for finding her for me. She is an angel.”

JULY 2020

A client of STEVE PAULSON wrote: “Thanks to my attorney and everyone else at Dade Legal Aid in the Domestic Violence department for your great assistance and the kindness afforded to me during these most difficult and challenging times.”

JUNE 2020

“I don’t know how to express my deep gratitude, I am so grateful! She was wonderful! Thank you for everything,” wrote a client of STEPHANIE GROSMAN.


CANDIS TRUSTY was an angel. She went above and beyond for me and my family. Thank you for everything, PUT SOMETHING BACK!”


DECEMBER 2019 “Thank you very much, everything she did was excellent. Attorney PATRICIA REDMOND helped me with my bankruptcy quickly. She treated me like one of her paying clients. I got really first class treatment. For that, I am forever grateful. God bless you all.”


“My bankruptcy attorney, DOROTHY NEGRIN changed my life! She was so organized! Thank you Dade Legal Aid and Put Something Back for finding me the best attorney to help me get a fresh start. If I can ever repay you I will. Dade Legal Aid changed my life! Thank you!”

JULY 2019

Legal Aid did a magnificent job. My attorney is excellent. She solved problems for me and my kids. Thank you so much, Dade Legal Aid & Put Something Back, for assigning my case to her, she is a wonderful person!”

MARCH 2019

A client of MARK BROWN wrote: “Thank you all for your help; may God bless all of you and the entire team at Legal Aid Society.  Mr. Brown handled my case swiftly and got me the results I needed.  My children and I are now safe and receiving child support regularly thanks to him.”



“I highly recommend this program,” wrote a client of ROBERT MEYER, ESQUIRE. “He helped save my home from foreclosure. I will never forget him. Thank you so much. I would like to thank your program for your the help. I have two children and was served foreclosure notice and my husband left our home. I went to government agencies and tried working with my mortgage company but was left frustrated, confused and scared. no other provider would help me then Put Something Back came along. I was assigned to Mr. Meyer and his associates who really cared about my case. He took the time to explain the process and my options . All of his co workers were nice and professional. They continued to help me and updated me on the case. I highly recommend Mr. Meyer and his firm.”

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