Cy Pres Awards

What is Cy Pres?
The Cy Pres doctrine (from the Norman French term “Cy Pres comme possible,” meaning as near as possible’) is a court-approved method of distributing a damage fund when the original purpose cannot be achieved.  In class action lawsuits, after payment of class members’ claims, or when the amount of damages to each class member is too small to warrant distribution, there is often a residual amount that judges and class counsel can recommend be applied to the “next best” use.
The need for legal services in Miami-Dade County has escalated since COVID-19 and Dade Legal Aid is constantly developing new resources to help the community’s diverse needs and those who have nowhere else  to turn.  Because Dade Legal Aid seeks to remedy harms similar to those litigated in class action lawsuits, the designation of Cy Pres funds to Dade Legal Aid helps us to meet the growing demand for our services which include:
  • Child & Youth Advocacy
  • Bankruptcy & Consumer Law
  • Older Foster Youth & Adults with Disabilities
  • Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
  • Family Law  (custody, child support, paternity)
  • Foreclosure Defense, Evictions & Home Preservation
  • Guardian Ad Litem
  • Guardianship & Probate
  • COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Non-profit Agencies & Arts Groups
  • Startups
Please be the one to make a difference by designating Dade Legal Aid  for Cy Pres funds. Click Here to contribute to the Dade Legal Aid Fund. Dade Legal Aid protects the rights of diverse victims of consumer fraud, disasters, the elderly, child abuse and neglect, the working poor, domestic violence victims and other vulnerable clients from diverse races, ethnicities, genders and backgrounds making them more susceptible to becoming victims of unlawful, unfair, deceptive, discriminatory or predatory consumer practices. Our award-winning pro bono program matches staff attorneys and private pro bono attorneys with individual clients, families, non-profit agencies or startups seeking civil legal assistance and connects law firms with providers seeking co-counsel in class action cases. We make it simple for attorneys and judges to include us not only in cases but in settlement agreements.
For More Information on Accepting a Class Action Case or Designating Cy Pres Funds To Dade Legal Aid  Please Contact:
Karen J. Ladis (305) 579-5733 ext. 2245

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