Praises from Pro Bono Clients

                        FAN MAIL!!!

Below are a few of the many notes of appreciation from grateful clients whose lives have been impacted by our services.

“I was unable to pay an attorney and someone recommended Dade Legal Aid.  I was assigned an attorney through Put Something Back. My pro bono attorney was extremely capable, knowledgeable and never made me feel like she was doing me a favor by taking my  case.  She always responded in a timely manner to any issues or concerns. I am forever grateful.” December 2016

“I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am for the work and attention given to us by Dade Legal Aid during the process to obtain guardianship for my father with advanced Alzheimer’s.  Our questions and concerns were always answered in a short time and we were always kept informed on how the process was going and what to expect.   Thank you for making this difficult process that much easier for my family.” November 2016
“My attorney DEBI GALLER  and her firm BERGER SINGERMAN did an excellent job for me with my bankruptcy case.  I want to thank them and Dade Legal Aid for the excellent services you provided me. I will be forever grateful.” March 2016

Put Something Back is amazing and you are doing a wonderful service for the community! I can’t thank you enough for taking my mortgage foreclosure case! My attorney was amazing, easy to talk to and knows how to handle herself well! I can’t say enough good things about her.” February 2016

“I am very satisfied with your work and the assistance you gave me.  My lawyer really did an excellent job!  I can’t believe this service is free.” December 2016

“Thank you to my attorney NICOLE GRIMAL HELMSTETTER for handling my pro bono bankruptcy case.  As a disabled senior citizen, I had a difficult issue and was not sure how to proceed. Thank you Put Something Back for finding her for me She is an angel.” September 2016

A client of DARRYL R. GRAHAM wrote:  “Thanks to Put Something Back Project for my attorney and everyone else at Dade Legal Aid for your great assistance and the kindness afforded to me during these difficult times.” June 2014

“I  don’t know how to express my deep gratitude, I am so grateful She was wonderful! Thank you for everything,”  wrote a client of BARBARA GREEN. April 2014

A client of DAVID LISTER wrote:  “I am very satisfied with the services my attorney provided.  I can’t believe this program is free for people like me. Thank you Put Something Back for how you helped.” November 2013

GUSTAVO A. FERNANDEZ was an angel.  He went above and beyond.  Thank you for everything!” September 2015

A client of KATHLEEN A. FLYNN wrote:  “Thank you very much, everything she did was excellent.  God bless you all.” July 2013

“My bankruptcy attorney, DOROTHY NEGRIN changed my life!  She was so organized! Thank you Dade Legal Aid and Put Something Back for finding me the best attorney to help me get a fresh start.  If I can ever repay you I will. Dade Legal Aid  changed my life!  Thank you!” February 2014

YOLANDA COTO did a magnificent job, she is an excellent attorney.  She solved problems for me and my kids.  Thank you so much, Put Something Back, for assigning my case to her, she is a wonderful person!” November 2012

A client of MAX HAGEN wrote:  “Thank you all for your help; may God bless all of you.” October 2013

“I highly recommend this program,” wrote a client of ROBERT MEYER. “He helped save my home from foreclosure.  I will never forget him.” August 2014

Attorney PATRICIA REDMOND helped me with my bankruptcy quickly.  She treated me like one of her paying clients.  I got really first class treatment.  For that, I am forever grateful.” June 2016