In 2020, we look forward to partnering with our generous legal and business community to improve the lives of our neediest residents. Thanks to over 5,000 attorneys and 200 Law Firm Participants, last year we provided critical direct legal representation to thousands of low-income individuals and families impacting over twenty thousand disenfranchised residents living at or below poverty level. We are grateful to the many individual attorneys, voluntary bar associations, law firms, law schools, leaders, committees, businesses, mentors and foundations that helped us to provide equal access to justice. Please remember to submit your pro bono hours on ongoing and completed cases to to receive credit for your participation. Click Here to Download the Pro Bono Reporting Form.
While nearly half the attorneys in Miami reported that they provided pro bono services or contributed monetarily last year, current resources still fall short from meeting the growing client needs.  Because of limited alternative resources and the dramatic increase in eligible clients referred to our program, in order to accomplish our goals and objectives we ask you to please take a case, co-counsel with us, or donate to help us to continue breaking barriers to poverty and social injustice. You may donate online by clicking the DONATE button or mailing your check to Dade Legal Aid, 123 NW 1 Avenue, Miami, FL 33128.  Your gift will improve the lives of countless Dade Countians living at or below poverty level.  Donors may also make tax-deductible charitable contributions to the DADE LEGAL AID FUND at the Miami Foundation CLICK HERE.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  All the best!
Karen Ladis
Executive Director


In 2020, our goal is for every attorney to provide a minimum of 20 hours of pro bono service: 

The new year is a great time to deepen your commitment to pro bono – what better way than by taking a case from Dade Legal Aid/Put Something Back (“PSB”), the premier provider of free civil law services in Miami?  We challenge YOU to commit to the “2020 Pro Bono Challenge” by giving the gift of your time and expertise and providing 20 hours of pro bono service in 2020. All members of the Florida Bar are urged to donate a minimum of 20 hours of pro bono service yearly so by accepting cases from PSB you will be fulfilling your pro bono requirement and this challenge! Upon completion of the challenge, you will receive a 2020 Pro Bono Challenge Award from us acknowledging your service!  You may also accept this challenge by increasing your suggested annual $350 “buy-in” by either $20 for those practicing less than 20 years ($370), or 20% ($70) for those practicing over 20 years. These additional funds are critical to sustain our mission to provide free civil legal aid to the under-served members of our community. Your 2020 donation will make an immediate impact on the lives of our clients and their ability to access justice. We rely on your support and welcome annual as well as monthly reoccurring giving. You my donate securely online at Please make PRO BONO an important part of this new decade and take the “2020” Challenge! (Click here to accept challenge).


On January 31, 2020 Put Something Back will present a Pro Bono CLE Seminar entitled Bankruptcy for Newbies and Pros co-sponsored by Stearns Weaver Miller and BAST AMRON LLP to recruit and train pro bono attorneys in conjunction with the Bankruptcy Bar Association of the Southern District of Florida and American College of Bankruptcy Foundation. The Project will provide other innovative programming to assist veterans, victims, the elderly, the homeless, persons with disabilities and those in need of legal services throughout the community. Put Something Back Pro Bono Project received a Pro Bono Grant from the American College of Bankruptcy Foundation to expand and increase bankruptcy legal services to vulnerable populations in 2020. The Project will host informational Clinics for the Self Represented at the US Bankruptcy Courthouse and other locations.


Karen Ladis, executive director, received the Henry “LAT” Latimer Award for Scholarship, Integrity, Kindness, Service and Leadership presented by the Law Alumni Association of the University of Miami School of Law.  The award is presented annually to distinguished alumni at the Law Alumni Homecoming Breakfast.  Congratulations to Karen Ladis and all of the honorees! 

Miami-Dade FAWL to receive the Chief Justice’s Outstanding Voluntary Bar Association Pro Bono Award for Exemplary Participation in pro bono activities at The Tobias Simon Awards held on Thursday, January 30 in Tallahassee.  Congratulations to MDFAWL and thank you to the Pro Bono Committee for your participation in Put Something Back! You have our heartfelt appreciation!


  • Divorce, Paternity, Adoption, Child Support, Custody, Name Change, Visitation
  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Human Trafficking, Stalking
  • Child Advocacy, Guardian Ad Litem, Foster Teen Advocacy, Attorney Ad Litem
  • Guardianship, Probate, Veterans, Elder Affairs, Wills
  • Bankruptcy, Housing, Homelessness, Immigration
  • Nonprofit, Patent, Startups, Taxation, Appeals, Benefits
  • FEMA, Contractor Fraud, Insurance Claims, Small Claims

Since 1949, Dade Legal Aid (Legal Aid Society) has been serving the unmet legal needs of low-income residents in the areas of Family Law, Domestic Violence, Guardianship, Child & Teen Advocacy, Human Sex Trafficking, Guardian ad Litem, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Housing, Small Claims, Immigration, Benefits, Disaster Relief and Nonprofit Incorporation.  Annually, the agency’s comprehensive legal services impact over 10,000 needy clients, families and the community. 

Put Something Back, the premier pro bono provider in Miami, offers a pipeline of opportunities for attorneys, including solo and small firms, corporate, government sector, public interest, emeritus, medium to large law firms, voluntary bar associations, law schools and others seeking to accept cases, staff clinics, co-counsel and mentor. Put Something Back connects pre-screened clients with dedicated individual volunteers, law school clinics, law firms, disaster recovery programs and a network of community based partners breaking barriers to access to justice for diverse populations in need. 

If you are an attorney, CLICK HERE to accept a case and break barriers to access to justice for countless underprivileged children, foster teens, vulnerable families, farm workers, veterans, newcomers, survivors of domestic violence and human sex trafficking and other communities in desperate need of legal aid. For more information about accepting a case please contact 305-579-5733 ext. 2252 and we will find a case for you. 

To learn more about cases we handle or become a client, CLICK HERE. 

Dade Legal Aid Cases Awaiting Placement with Pro Bono Attorneys