Spotlight on Pro Bono Attorneys

This Month’s Spotlight on Pro Bono Attorneys features LACEE MONK, an Associate at RUMBERGER KIRK & CALDWELL, a 100% Law Firm Participant in Put Something Back, a Joint Pro Bono Project of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit and Dade Legal Aid.  Ms. Monk is a current Fellow in Class III of Dade Legal Aid’s Leadership Academy.  This Fall, she accepted an appointment to serve as a pro bono Guardian Ad Litem in a contested family law case.  After several months, hearings and preparations, Ms. Monk successfully completed her final hearing on the guardian ad litem case.  “Serving as a guardian ad litem was such a wonderful and rewarding experience.  I look forward to contributing to Dade Legal Aid – Put Something Back again in the near future,” said Ms. Monk. “We live in a time that is very challenging and it requires people such as Lacee to step up and contribute to the common good,” said Paul Lipton on behalf of the firm. Congratulations to Lacee and thank you to Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell for truly making a difference in the lives of others. 

laceeLacee is pictured above and below (second from right) with colleagues and other members of Class III of Dade Legal Aid’s Leadership Academy.