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It’s that time of year to renew your pledge to Dade Legal Aid/Put Something Back by simply donating online or mailing your check to:
Dade Legal Aid
123 NW 1 Avenue
Miami FL 33128

Each year, The Florida Bar asks attorneys to verify that they have complied with Rule 4-6.1 which urges each member of the bar to discharge their annual Professional Responsibility by either providing at least 20 hours of pro bono legal service to the poor or making an annual contribution of $350 or more to a legal aid organization. Your donation to Dade Legal Aid will not only discharge your professional responsibility but will also help us to continue providing legal services to indigent individuals and families.

Last year, Dade Legal Aid provided over five million dollars of professional legal services to indigent clients in all areas of civil law. Your financial support helps us continue to meet the challenges of providing high-quality legal services while working remotely due to Covid-19. Donating and reporting your contributions to The Florida Bar fulfills your annual Florida Bar Member Reporting Requirement as per Rule 4-6.1.