How Can I Help?

Donate Time

If you are an attorney and/or law firm pro bono coordinator and would like to accept a pro bono matter, please click here or contact Bruce Levine, Esquire, Pro Bono Coordinator blevine@dadelegalaid.org. Dade Legal Aid offers a number of innovative and creative projects providing offering a wide array of pro bono service opportunities.

The Florida Bar’s fee form includes a pro bono section to report your contributions toward the Supreme Court aspirational goals asking lawyers to provide 20 hours of pro bono service of donating $350 to a Legal Aid program each year.  While providing pro bono is optional, filling out the pro bono reporting form on the statement is mandatory.  If you are presently working on a case, please report your hours in order to receive pro bono credit. If you would like to accept a case or make a donation in lieu of accepting a case, please let us know.  Once you accept a case, you will receive a mentor and materials upon request.  If you are a law firm and would like to apply for Collective Satisfaction, please email psb@dadelegalaid.org. We can send you a sample form and assist you with completing it.  If you are a student, retired, paralegal or paraprofessional, please consider donating your time with administrative tasks, client intake, translating and clinics. 

Buy In Contributions

As attorneys, we took an Oath and solemnly swore to never reject, from any consideration, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed. In support of that Oath, Florida Bar Rule 4-6.1 encourages attorneys to give back at least 20 hours of pro bono service annually or make a financial contribution of $350 and to report these contributions. “Buy Ins” are encouraged, as these contributions enhance our budget and allow staff to provide critical services to the disadvantaged. Your contribution fulfills your pro bono requirement so long as you report your donation on your Bar Dues Statement. Click here to contribute. 

Monetary Donations

Individual, 100% Law Firm, CyPres, Corporate and other charitable donations help sustain the critical work of Dade Legal Aid. You and your firm may also designate Dade Legal Aid in your United Way Charitable Giving and in your Estate Planning.

On behalf of Dade Legal Aid/Put Something Back and our grateful pro bono clients, thank you for your support!