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Peace of Mind for Bankruptcy Client

gordon.-200x300“Nora” became a victim of our stagnant local economy when she lost her job and was unable to find new work. The “newly poor” segment of Miami-Dade residents continues to increase, along with our caseloads at Dade Legal Aid. Stressed about her inability to pay overwhelming debts and barraged by telephone calls from creditors and threats of litigation, Nora sought assistance from Put Something Back’s bankruptcy program. Attorney Pamela Gordon evaluated Nora’s financial situation over the course of several office meetings and guided Nora through the process of filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Ms. Gordon alleviated Nora’s anxieties about her inability to pay her creditors and obtained a discharge of her debts, giving Nora peace of mind and a fresh start in life. “This program saved my life,” said Nora. “It was an awfully rough time for me and I don’t know what I would have done without the support of my wonderful attorney.” Pro bono representation, and the satisfaction of contributing to the community, is an integral part of Ms. Gordon’s practice. “I believe that we who have achieved much have a duty to give back to our community in an attempt to assist those who are less fortunate,” she said.

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