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Spotlight on Pro Bono Attorney

Adela Estopinan, Esq., Managing Partner at the Law Offices of Negrete Estopian & Associates, handles many pro bono cases and finds fulfillment giving back to others. She served on the Bankruptcy Pro Bono Task Force for the Southern District of Florida and teaches the Paralegal Program at University of Miami where she stresses the importance of pro bono work to students.

Ms. Estopinan recently represented a debtor who is a wounded, disabled Iraq War veteran who was evicted from his apartment when it was condemned by the city. He began living in his car, but his license was soon suspended for failure to pay an old insurance judgment. Her office was able to file the debtor’s case, waive the filing fee, discharge the judgment, and reinstate the driver’s license. In the process, they also paid for the debtor to take his post-filing course. This client was so extremely grateful to Ms. Estopinan and her firm and even returned the ten dollars to them as soon as he was able to. “It was an honor to help this gentleman and to serve those in need through Put Something Back.”

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