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Spotlight on Pro Bono Attorney

The Law Offices of Samira Ghazal, P.A. is proud to support the Put Something Back Pro Bono Project. The firm recently represented a client who was the victim of identity theft. Her card was illegally used by someone and fraudulent charges added. She filed a police report as the charges totaled over $20,000. She did not authorize the use of her card and did not receive any merchandise. The credit card company closed her account and opened a new account number. They also transferred the entire fraudulent balance to the new card. It destroyed her credit. A law suit was filed in federal court for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by Equifax, Transunion, Experian, and the credit card company. The case was eventually settled and the client was compensated for her pain and suffering and financial damages. She was elated as she did not have to pay any attorney’s fees or costs. She was finally able to fix the roof on her house with some of the proceeds. “It is with great honor that the Law Offices of Samira Ghazal, P.A. serves the community through Put Something Back and will continue to do so whenever called upon to serve those in need.”

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